Radiant Snow Melting System Benefits

Ten Advantages of Electric Heated Driveways and Snow Melting Systems

Heated driveways and snowmelt systems provide long term, maintenance-free snow removal at an affordable price. The energy-efficient snow melting systems can be utilized for small, custom residential properties as well as large commercial construction projects. Electric snow melting systems utilizing Warmzone heat cable offer significant advantages over other snow melting systems. Because of the ClearZone cable's rugged design, it is a commonly used heat cable among radiant heat system installers throughout the country, capable of being installed to heat concrete, asphalt and paver driveways.

PERFORMANCE – The ClearZone radiant heating system can heat up 30 percent faster than other snowmelt systems, giving the system a shorter operation time to achieve snow removal. It produces only 35-50 watts per square foot, making it effective and affordable to operate during all of winter's heaviest snowstorms.
ENERGY EFFICIENT – Many systems are inefficient because much of the energy consumed escapes into the ground below the driveway. Approximately 99 percent of all energy consumed by the ClearZone driveway heating systems goes into snow melting. Less efficient hydronic systems have slow response times and significant heat loss while the water makes its way through the maze of tubing.
LOW OPERATION COSTS – On average, a heated driveway with an area of 300-square feet operates for about $1.60 per continuous hour of operation. Snow melting usually only takes just a few hours per storm. (Calculate your heated driveway operational costs.)
EASY AND INEXPENSIVE TO INSTALL – The ClearZone snowmelt system is easy to install. The system has a user friendly design and single-point connection (only having to connect one end of the cable, and the other end is self terminated). Installation takes only a fraction of the time and cost of installing compared to hydronic heated driveway systems, and typically provides superior performance.
SAFETY – Heavy snows and ice create dangerous conditions for you and your family. The Warmzone driveway heating system protects pedestrians from slipping on dangerous snow and ice and eliminates the physical strain of removing snow by hand. Also, radiant heat can prevent injuries (and potential law suits) resulting from slipping on black ice that lurks on steps, walkways and driveways.
MAINTENANCE FREE – Many systems have moving parts, which raises the maintenance costs and the chance of system failure. Warmzone sells snow melting systems that have NO moving parts, which makes them reliable and virtually maintenance free. And the systems use one of the most reliable, durable heat cables on the market. There is no need for yearly checkups or common repairs, so you can rest assured that your radiant system will be ready to use each winter.
FULLY AUTOMATED – The ClearZone radiant heating systems come standard with 100-percent automated devices. Snow sensors detect precipitation and temperature to activate the system only when needed. These automated devices detect moisture in the air coupled with low temperatures and turn the system on just before a snowstorm hits for maximum performance.
PROTECTS YOUR DRIVEWAY – Installing a radiant heated driveway/snow melting system can extend the lifespan of your driveway. An electric radiant heated driveway eliminates the need for salt and harsh snowmelt chemicals. After time, these chemicals typically cause corrosion damage to your driveway, and further damage can result from the occasional use of snow plows.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Electric radiant heating systems are "green products" (or eco-friendly), meaning that the snowmelt systems utilize "renewable" energy rather than fossil fuels without harming the environment. Additionally, radiant driveway heating eliminates the need for salt and snowmelt chemicals, which inevitably drains or splashes onto neighboring plants and grass, causing damage to the surrounding vegetation and even killing some of the landscaping. Electric radiant heated driveways are clean, silent, eco-friendly and energy efficient.
WISE INVESTMENT – Installing a quality radiant heated driveway is an excellent investment for raising the value of your property. By installing a radiant snow melting system you not only increase your comfort level, but you can increase the resale value of your home as well.