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Snow Melting Systems

Heated driveway systems provide reliable, maintenance-free snow removal.

Advanced thermostats and state-of-the-art snow sensors ensure energy-efficient snowmelt operation for your heated driveway. The radiant heating system utilizes minimal energy, activating only when needed, and automatically shuts off.

The snow sensor (mounted away from the house where it is exposed to inclement weather) activates the driveway heating system when precipitation is detected and temperatures are below a set point (typically 39°F.). The driveway can also be heated to melt snow drifts or heat shaded areas where ice formed.

Warmzone is committed to providing the latest, safest, and most reliable technology available. Consequently, installation of this heated snowmelt system will not void any existing home fire insurance policies.

The ease of installation minimizes labor costs, and the operating cost of the snow melting system is modest. Installing an electric snow melting system provides a number of significant benefits, including extending the life of your driveway.

Radiant heated driveways and sidewalks increase property values, eliminate the need for snow shoveling or using salt and harmful snow melting chemicals. The systems operate cleanly and quietly, providing reliable, maintenance-free, automated snow removal. You'll never have to worry about shoveling snow again!

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