Heated Driveway Project Photos - Before and After

  • Retrofitting concrete driveway with radiant heat.

    BEFORE - Retrofitting a concrete driveway with radiant heat.

    Heated driveway with pavers being installed.

    BEFORE - Snow melting mats installed for heated paver driveway.

  • Concrete heated driveway completed.

    AFTER - The retrofitted concrete heated driveway in after completion.

    Heated paver driveway.

    AFTER - The completed heated paver after a large snowstorm.

  • Asphalt heated driveway with heated tire tracks being installed.

    BEFORE - An asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks being installed.

    Installing heated stone paver tire tracks in driveway.

    BEFORE - Installing heated paver tire tracks.

  • Asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks.

    AFTER - Heated tire track driveway in asphalt.

    Driveway with heated paver tire tracks.

    AFTER - Driveway with heated paver tire tracks.

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    A Wise Investment

     Heated driveway systems provide reliable, maintenance-free snow removal.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing a heated driveway system is a sound investment. In addition to enhancing your comfort and convenience, heated driveways and sidewalk snowmelt systems can significantly increase the value of your home. Electric snow melting systems are fully automated and require virtually no maintenance. The radiant heat systems are built to provide long term, reliable service for minimal costs.

Warmzone offers the most proven radiant heat systems available. The ClearZone snow melting system features the industry's premier radiant heat cable, which comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. The automated system effectively melts snow and ice during the most extreme weather, is energy efficient and is easily customized to meet the specific demands of each unique project.

Increase the life span of your driveway as well as the value of your property with a radiant snow melting system from Warmzone.

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