The Coolest Driveways are Heated Driveways

Ten Benefits of Installing a Radiant Heated Driveway

It seems as of late that heated driveways are being discovered by homeowners in droves. Drive through any new neighborhood in the winter, and you’ll see those sleek heated concrete, asphalt or paver driveways free of snow everywhere you look. You see them everywhere, you covet them with wanton eyes, but you never come around to getting one yourself. Well, the good news is, there are no more valid reasons for you to be a fence sitter. Here are 10 seal-the-deal reasons why those heated driveway systems you’ve been seeing are the coolest driveways in town. Consider yourself sold.

Brick paver heated driveway. 1. Electric heated driveway systems require no maintenance. This means you can sip your hot cocoa from your window and taunt the poor guy next door who is losing the battle of the blizzard one shovelful at a time.

2. A radiant heated driveway is an easy, no-frills way for you to go green. Electric driveway heating systems use renewable energy, which is a big thumbs up from Mother Nature. Additionally, heated driveways eliminate the need for salt and snowmelt chemicals that can wreak havoc on neighboring plants.

3. Durability is a heated driveway’s middle name. The radiant heat cables used are designed to withstand winter’s best attempts to destroy your driveway. Plus, Warmzone snow melting systems come with a 10-year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. Yes, heated driveways are built to last, which means you do nothing but sit back and relax with snow-free peace of mind - and with no maintenance to speak of.

4. Installing one yourself? No problem. Heated driveway systems are relatively easy to install. With a little help from us and some ambition, you can have your heated driveway up and running in no time. However, be sure to have a qualified electrician wire the system (for warranty purposes).

5. Radiant heated driveways can be installed in virtually any surface, including asphalt, concrete, tile, brick pavers and more. Don’t think for a second that having a snow-free driveway means sacrificing on aesthetics. You can have whatever surface you want just how you want it, delightfully snow and ice free.

6. Heated driveways know no boundaries. Got a funky driveway design? No problem. Radiant heated driveways can be installed in any unique driveway design you can come up with.

7. Everyone loves a heated driveway, and you know what that means? Installing a heated driveway system just bumped up your property value from “meh” to “wow!”

8. They heat quickly and evenly. A radiant heated driveway heats up to 30 percent faster than many other snowmelt systems, meaning you get better performance fast. What’s more, it produces only 35-50 watts per square foot, getting you more snow melting for your money.

Heated driveway and parking area. 9. Radiant heated driveways are fully automated. That’s right! With absolutely no effort from you, the heated driveway system senses freezing precipitation and gets the job done. Of course, this state-of-the art automated system only turns on when needed, keeping your bill affordable.

10. Heated driveway systems enhance safety for you and your family. Consider slipping and falling on snow and ice a fiasco of the past. Even better is that you’ll never have to deal with strained backs and blistered hands again. In fact, maybe you can just give your snow shovel to the neighbor. He’ll need it.

Install a heated driveway in the summer time and don’t let the inevitable winter be another winter of your discontent. Plan ahead and install a heated driveway system today to ensure a winter of peace and satisfaction. And when that first snowfall rolls around, you’ll be happy to finally say that your radiant heated driveway is cooler than your neighbor’s driveway.