Eco-friendly Electric Heated Driveways and Snowmelt Systems

Efficient Radiant Heat Eliminates the Need for Harsh Snowmelt Chemicals

Heated driveways from Warmzone offer a variety of benefits. In addition to providing automated snow and ice melting from driveways and sidewalks, electric snowmelt systems help to preserve your landscaping by eliminating the need for harmful salt and snow melting chemicals. Heated driveway snowmelt systems can even increase the lifespan of your driveway by eliminating the need for plowing as well as the application of abrasive snowmelt chemicals.

Electric heated driveway system installed in concrete driveway. It's not a stretch in terms to state that installing a radiant heated driveway is contributing to the environment. According to Spring-Green, a recognized leader in the professional lawn and tree care industry, using salt to melt ice on asphalt and sidewalks is harmful to lawns and nearby vegetation. When salt products are spread over driveways and sidewalks, the salt inevitably splashes or drains onto nearby foliage. The sodium chloride is absorbed by the plants' root systems and the salt also "burns" the plants.

Spring-Green also emphasized that using alternate ice-melting products isn't the answer either. Commercial products contain potassium chloride, which has a lower burn rate than sodium chloride but doesn't melt the ice effectively. What these alternative "snow and ice melting" products do is break the bond between the ice and the pavement's surface, making it easier for you to manually remove the ice.

The results of using salt to melt snow and ice. Driveway heating systems from Warmzone are the best option to melt the ice while protecting your driveway surface and landscaping. Automated heated driveway systems don't utilize any harmful chemicals, and they melt snow and ice efficiently and reliably. Install a radiant heated driveway and you'll never have to worry about breaking out the snow shovel or bag of salt again.

Radiant snow melting systems can be installed in almost any driveway, and can be retrofitted into existing concrete and asphalt surfaces. These driveway heating systems feature proven, state-of-the-art technology, and are surprisingly easy to install.

Warmzone carries a variety of radiant snow melting systems and will help you determine which system is best for your specific project. Heated driveways can be manually activated or automated to operate only under certain conditions, enhancing energy-efficient operation while still keeping your driveway clear 24 hours a day. Wake up in the morning and relax while the driveway heating system melts away the snow, providing clear access to your garage regardless of the weather. Contact us to begin designing your custom heated driveway system today.